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Announcing Australian Preview Release of Mediastan - WikiLeaks’ Fifth Estate Challenger

Thursday 7 November 2013, 2:00 UTC

TODAY, on Thursday 7 November, WikiLeaks and Sixteen Films are proud to announce the Australian and New Zealand preview release of MEDIASTAN, the WikiLeaks road movie.

Fairfax Media will be streaming MEDIASTAN for FREE for Australian and New Zealand audiences only, during an exclusive preview period, between Thursday 7 November and Monday 11 November.

MEDIASTAN will be available to stream on all major Fairfax digital platforms including smh.tv, theage.tv, canberratimes.tv and brisbanetimes.tv.

Viewers elsewhere can rent or buy the download of the film at any other time, here: http://wikileaks.org/Mediastan

This exclusive preview of MEDIASTAN is timed to challenge the Australian opening of THE FIFTH ESTATE – the multi-million dollar Hollywood WikiLeaks film – produced by Dreamworks in collaboration with Disney.

MEDIASTAN is a vivid portrayal of the constraints – external and self-imposed – that journalists face, all over the world: from Dushanbe, Tajikistan, to Fifth Avenue, New York City.

MEDIASTAN asks a distressing question: What do the crisp-shirted, expensively-tanned media big guns of Manhattan have in common with the beaten-down, dissident hacks of Dushanbe, Tajikistan? Who is braver? Who is freer? And who is closer to the truth?

And what should YOU watch this weekend?

Well over 50,000 people saw nano-budget indie-flick MEDIASTAN during its UK opening weekend release.

Meanwhile, THE FIFTH ESTATE – the spawn of Dreamworks’ huge-bucks publicity machine – has been soundly panned by audiences the world over. The measly $1.7m taken by the film during its US opening weekend represented the poorest performance for any major film released so far in 2013.

In the words of WikiLeaks founder and MEDIASTAN Producer Julian Assange:

‘Why is everybody watching David? Because Goliath is an insufferable bore.’

WATCH MEDIASTAN HERE: http://wikileaks.org/Mediastan


MEDIASTAN audiences are treated to a behind-the-scenes insight into the world’s first truly global media event: "Operation Cablerun": the 2011 operation during which WikiLeaks ran hundreds of thousands of secret US government cables to media outlets around the world.

In MEDIASTAN, an undercover team of journalists drives across the central Asian republics of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and into US-occupied Afghanistan, before continuing its journey into the west; regrouping in Julian Assange’s kitchen, ambushing the editor of the Guardian, and obtaining candid footage of the New York Times editor and its publisher Arthur Sulzberger wisecracking about Obama and WikiLeaks.

Julian Assange, explaining why he produced the film, stated, “Central Asia is the most fascinating geopolitical region in the world. It is the cream in the geopolitical layer cake. On the top, Russia, on the bottom, China; in the middle, a fight for US influence" But, Mr. Assange explained, "what started out as a geopolitical road movie transformed into a tale of comparative censorship as our adventure continued into the unexpected heart of MEDIASTAN."

VISIT THE MEDIASTAN WEBSITE: http://mediastan.net


MEDIASTAN director Johannes Wahlström explains "Mediastan is not so much a physical place as it is a state of mind among many of the journalists and editors who form our perceptions of the world."

Producer Julian Assange said: "This is journalism in extremis. This is how it is done. This weekend, instead of wasting your time and money on Hollywood propaganda, why not get your friends together and watch MEDIASTAN instead?

Fairfax Media will be streaming MEDIASTAN for FREE for Australian and New Zealand audiences only, during an exclusive preview period, between Thursday 7 November and Monday 11 November. The film will also be available worldwide to buy or rent online at all other times. Watch it at http://wikileaks.org/Mediastan

MEDIASTAN was directed by Johannes Wahlström and produced by Julian Assange with Rebecca O’Brien and Lauren Dark at Sixteen Films. It is being distributed by Journeyman Pictures.

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