(on 2012-11-29)

Assange statement regarding CNN's Erinn Burnett show comment on Ecuador

Thursday, 29th November 19:00 GMT

Today there have been reports misquoting Julian Assange in relation to Ecuador as a result of an exchange with CNN's Erinn Burnett. To those who watch the segment the meaning is clear. Those that have drawn attention to the quote have clearly done so with the intention of misrepresenting what in context was clear in its meaning. Said comment occured within the context of a CNN interview about Mr. Assange's new book, Cypherpunks. CNN had agreed to ask Mr. Assange about the topic of the book, namely the abuse of mass surveillance by the United States and other mass surveillance powers. The CNN interviewer tried to move the debate away from the scrutiny of the abuses of the United States mass surveillance, by attacking Mr. Assange over Ecuador's media reform. Since the subject was the abuse of mass surveillance and Ecuador is not known to be an abusive surveillance power, Mr. Assange said Ecuador's was "not significant" in this context and the conversation should return to topic.

To avoid any doubt, Mr. Assange stated that Ecuador was personally significant to him and that developments within the region were of general international significance. The threats to Latin America by US mass surveillance are extreme as nearly all communications between Latin American and the rest of the world pass through the United States. These and other topics are discussed in Mr. Assange's book "Cypherpunks" which was published by OR Books this month. Readers are encouraged to watch the segment, which is available on the internet.

You can watch the video of the full interview here

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