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Press Release – WikiLeaks: Beat the Blockade CD

28 June 2012, 23:00 BST

WikiLeaks has released its first music CD, entitled "Beat the Blockade".

Since December 2010, WikiLeaks has been under an unlawful financial blockade by major Washington-linked US financial institutions. The WikiLeaks CD contains 12 cool and inspiring songs about the struggles of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and Anonymous. The songs were donated by a range of artists and make a creative, enjoyable way for people to "beat the blockade".

The US Department of Treasury has given donations to WikiLeaks a clean bill of health, but the blockade by Bank of America, VISA, MasterCard, PayPal and Western Union continues to prevent people from supporting the cause they believe in. WikiLeaks is currently fighting the blockade in lawsuits around the world. The blockade is entirely political and was erected without any legal or administrative process whatsoever.

The songs have been compiled into a downloadable CD. All proceeds from sales of the CD will go to WikiLeaks and the Bradley Manning Defense Fund.

There are two versions of the CD available: one priced at $11.99, and a "Supporter Version" priced at $24.99 for those who wish to really "Beat the Blockade".

The CDs are currently available through the following links:

WikiLeaks: Beat the Blockade

WikiLeaks: Beat the Blockade (Supporter Version)

The artists who have contributed their music to the CD are as follows:

1. "WikiLeaks and the Need for Free Speech" – Dan Bull
2. "B Manning" – Johan W Ekman
3. "Where There Are No Secrets" – Wrightson Tongue
4. "Song for Bradley Manning" – David Rovics
5. "WikiLeaks Anthem: We Want the Truth" – Isaac Sloan
6. "Datacrime 2011 (WikiMix)" – Cuban Boys
7. "WikiLeaks Tribute" – Jaffrey Rootzway
8. "The Ballad of Julian Assange" – Joonas Laine
9. "Shout It Out and Be Heard" – Sharon Z.
10. "Rise Above (WikiBeetz4WikiLeaks)" – Loves' Destiny
11. "Bradley's Song" – Erick Nova
12. "WikiLeaks Samba" – Sonic Disobedience

For more information on the unlawful banking blockade we are fighting please visit our banking blockade page.

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