Prosecution and prison documents for Pirate-Bay founder Gottfrid Svartholm Warg (alias Anakata)

Sunday 19th May 1am GMT

Gottfrid Svartholm Warg's trial begins on Monday 20 May 2013 in Stockholm. This material includes inter alia the interrogations with GSW and his co-accused, internal correspondence from the Swedish Foreign Minister and the Swedish embassy in Cambodia, damage assessment reports by the companies and the authorities concerned, and correspondence between GSW and Kristina Svartholm and the Swedish prison authorities. The material is formally public, but the Swedish prosecution authority has refused to provide the documents in digital format. Photocopying this volume of paper costs around £350.

These documents have been obtained by FOIA except for the correspondence with the prison relating to GSW's requests to access distance education and to use a graphing calculator. The letters are translated into English.


Svartholm Warg is a Swedish computer expert who founded the Pirate Bay. He has been a WikiLeaks volunteer and collaborated in the Collateral Murder release. All those who feature on the Collateral Murder video credits have been subsequently harassed in one way or another, including by having their personal information subpoenad by the US Department of Justice, and through harassment and intimidation by the FBI, who have attempted to turn WikiLeaks associates into informers. This includes, but is not limited to, Jeremie Zimmermann, Kristinn Hrafnsson, Rop Gonggrip, Birgitta Jonsdottir, and Smari McCarthy.

Upon the request of Swedish authorities, GSW was arrested in Cambodia on 30 August 2012. He was placed into custody by Cambodian authorities in an 'anti-terrorist' facility.1 He was ostensively arrested because his Cambodian visa and Swedish passport had expired. His visa had expired on 13 August 2012 and could not be renewed. GSW's passport only expired on 13 January 2013, three and a half months after his arrest. He was expected to be returned to Sweden with the purpose of serving the sentence for the Pirate Bay trial.

In reality, a new investigation had been opened against him for a data breach into Bisnode Information AB, Logica AB, Nordea Bank (Case 0201-K81864-12). The Swedish police was also investigating attempted serious fraud, and serious fraud (Case 0201-K29108-12). The description of the Swedish investigation to the Cambodian authorities (pages 164-170 of the document 3_fup.pdf) states:

"Intrusions have been made against, inter alia, a mainframe computer by a private company, hosting large amounts of personal data/census data from the Swedish Tax Agency including protected personal data, as well as data of a financial nature. Large amounts of data from the Enforcement Authority [Kronofogdomyndigheten] and the Police [through the private contractor Applicate, now Bisnode] have been accessed as well. Data have not only been accessed, but also extensively copied. The accessed data may cause considerable damage to authorities, companies and individuals. The intrusion handled by the on-going criminal investigation is probably the most serious suffered by Swedish IT-systems linked to public authorities."

However, the documents released themselves indicate that for some of the companies concerned, the negative publicity arising from their security breach may be more harmful than the data breach itself. 2

The Enforcement Authority's damage Assessment (2_bilaga_b) p 41 for example, states:

"In Conclusion, the Enforcement Authority considers that the harm of the data breach is mainly the damage to the public's trust and the clients' trust in the Enforcement Authority. Even though certain data would be made acessible to the public if requested, the authority's brand is damaged by this information being accessible on the internet. There have been no reports regarding feedback or damage from any client, other than the cases of persons with protected personal identities."

Damage assessments are contained in he documents:

The documents also contain internal correspondence relating to inquiries from Kristina Svartholm, Niklas (qnrq) and the press to the Swedish embassy in Phnom Penh and the Swedish Foreign Ministry (16_ForeignMinistryDocs.pdf). Highlights from these documents include:

See also

1. For more on this, See Niklas Femerstrand's account of attempting to locate GSW and provide him with Cambodian legal counsel, which he was entitled to under Cambodian law

2. See also, for example, p. 3 of document 4_fup_arkiv_akl_ex_tillaggsprotokoll_20130409.pdf.

Logica's report on the IT security incident of 2012 - strictly confidential (English)
This is a collection of additional reports by authorities and companies allegedly affected by the data breach that GSW is accused of.
Additional reports "Övriga Externa Rapporter" (Swedish)
Page 2 Incident description by 'Applicate' company, includes Infortorg "lnfodata Applicate AB ('Applicate')/Bisnode Information AB incidentbeskrivning 20130222"
Page 8 Organisational flowchart Bisnode Information AB "Organisationsschema Bisnode"
Page 9 Tax Authority's description of the consequences of the data breach "Skatteverkets beskrivning av konsekvenser med anledning av dataintrånget"
Page 17 Tax Authority's Navet System - General description of the population registration data "Skatteverket Navet - Avisering av folkbokföringsuppgifter allmän beskrivning"
Page 41 Swedish Debt Enforcement Agency's description of the consequences of the data breach "Kronofogdens beskrivning av konsekvenser med anledning av dataintrånget"
Page 48 Swedish Debt Enforcement Agency's submission and data set "Kronofogden bilaga med dataset"
Page 53 Logica's Incident report 2010-02-17 "Logica Incidentrapport 2010-02-17"
Page 67 Logica's Incident report 2012-03-24 "Logica Utredningsrapport v1 2012-03-24"
Page 90 Logica's Incident report 2012-03-28 "Logica Utredningsrapport v2 2012-03-28"
Page 115 Logica's Incident report 2012-04-04 "Logica Utredningsrapport v3 2012-04-04"
Preliminary Investigation Police Report including communications with Cambodia "Förundersökningsprotokoll" (Swedish and Eglish)
Additional Material Preliminary Investigation Police Report 9 April 2013 "Tilläggsprotokoll Arkiv/Åkl. ex" (Swedish)
Additional Material Preliminary Investigation Police Report 15 April 2013 "Förundersökningsprotokoll Arkiv/Åkl. ex" (Swedish)
Additional Material Preliminary Investigation Police Report 18 April 2013 "Tilläggsprotokoll Arkiv/Åkl. ex" (Swedish)
GSW Remand documentation, 17 November 2012 "Häktningsframställan" (Swedish)
GSW Decision to a lift a remand decision, 7 December 2012 "Beslut om att häva ett häktningsbeslut" (Swedish)
Swedish Justice Ministry BIRS - Judicial Cooperation 'Urgent and Confidential Matter' Communication with Cambodia 27 July 2012 "Brådskande och Konfidentiellt" (English and Swedish)
Diary entry Prison and Prosecution Authority Appeal 18 April 2013 "Förvaltningsrätten i Linköping - Dagbok 2013-04-18" (Swedish)
Prosecution authority summary of charges 16 April 2013 "Ansökan om stämning - Åklagarmydigheten" (Swedish)
Request by Kristina Svartholm to the prison authorities for GSW access a graphing calculator for mathematics self-study (Swedish)
Request by Kristina Svartholm to the prison authorities for GSW access a graphing calculator for mathematics self-study (English translation)
Gottfrid Svartholm Warg appeal following rejection of access to a graphing calculator (Swedish)
Gottfrid Svartholm Warg appeal following rejection of access to a graphing calculator (English translation)
Kristina Svartholm letter on GSW's behalf requesting authorisation to do distance learning. (Swedish)
Kristina Svartholm letter on GSW's behalf requesting authorisation to do distance learning. (English translation)
Letter from Berndt Fredriksson to Kristina Svartholm regarding Freedom of Information Act request. Includes information that BIRS has information. (Swedish)
Internal correspondence from the Swedish Foreign Ministry and the Swedish embassy in Cambodia. (Swedish and English)

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